~The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord~

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blessings of FRIENDS!

I was blessed by two of my dear friends who came over and helped me sew curtains!
We don't get together that much anymore and so we came up with the idea of having our own little sewing circle for a change!

 And ended the afternoon with a little PARTY!!
 We had a blast and enjoyed it to the fullest while it lasted.
Since even this happens very seldom with Janet and Me married and Jennifer working at CDI.
And as you see, there's a new member in our "WE 3" circle! 
Kylandra enjoyed it too!

Before and After

The finished project a week later!

Thanks to Janet and Jennifer for helping me get started on this project!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Wedding!!!

Hi! A lot has happened since my last post!! Yes...like getting married!! ;-)
 Some of you have been asking for wedding pictures.... So I selected a few favorites...yea there are many favorites so if time allows I might post some more at an another time
So here goes.....
 My Family
 Our Parents
 Both Families
 My Sweetheart's Family
 Nieces and Nephew
 My Sisters

My wonderful sis
and my beautiful bouquet!!


And a few of us!!!!

 The fire team had some nice surprises for us!!
 Giving us a blessing!
And we're off with the Fire Truck!!!

These pictures were all taken by a wonderful friend...Arlene!! Check out her photography here! Thanks Arlene!

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Countdown is On!!

....maybe this will explain why I've neglected my blog lately! ;-)

Yes! Lord willing, in just 30 days I'll be Mrs Rolando Reimer!! 
I'm waiting and yes counting days! But in the mean time I'm also kept busy with planning, preparing, dreaming, loving, spoiling my little sister....and the list could go on! 
Oh and on top of that my oldest brother Floyd is getting married on Sunday. So it's 2 weddings in one year for our family and a little sister to take care of! 
Our Family is richly BLESSED!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Alice Annette

Here are some pictures of my beautiful little sister!! 
She is a very healthy, and content baby...so yea we can't hold her enough;-)! 

She seems to be growing so fast!! 

Isn't she a darling...

I love her, even when she's tired of posing for the camera!!


God has blessed me abundantly lately!!
First of all with bringing a very special friend into my Life! 
And second with a healthy and cute baby sister!
God has been teaching me a lot in my life and especially lately with trusting God and waiting patiently. I knew God had a perfect plan for me and would reveal it in His time. But the waiting wasn't easy... Around 2 months before Rolando & Me started a relationship the song "If This is What God Says" became very special to me. Since than I listened to it a lot..and had it about memorized. When the waiting got hard I would sing the song reminding myself once again that God had a purpose for this trial. And He sure did (even though I can't understand it all yet)!
*Scroll down for the words of the song---

~If This Is What God Says~
God told Abraham to rise, and take his little boy
To a lonely place they called Moriah's hill
God said, "There you'll sacrifice your precious pride and joy"
"But you'll be blessed in ways I cannot tell
He said, "Lord I trust Your perfectness as You rule from up on high"
"And though this trial is pressing us, this is how I will reply"

If this is what God wants
If this is what God says
Then who am I to doubt
Or try to figure out this circumstance?
If this is what God chose for me
In all His majesty
Then surely I can trust and lean
On what God says

Sometimes the storms we face in life are not what we would chose
If we have the power to choose them for ourselves
We would take the easy road thinking there's no way to lose
But we would miss the blessing of the Father's will
So we must trust His perfectness as He rules from up on high
And when those trials are pressing us this is how we should reply.

If this is what God wants
If this is what God says
Then who am I to doubt
Or try to figure out this circumstance?
If this is what God chose for me
In all His majesty
Then surely I can trust and lean
On what God says

I sure feel like I'm blessed in ways I cannot tell!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

The NEW Addition!

Hi Friends!
     It's a GIRL!!  Yes I have a little sister!!! 

Alice Annette

Born on June 30, 2012 5:03AM
7lbs and 15oz.
191/2 in.
Mommy and baby are doing good!  Yea..we are one excited family!!! The total amount has come to 10 (+2;-)!!!  I told Alice today that I wasn't quite sure what she'd do with such a crowd.. she might get lost ;-) !!  Especially with 2 of us dating already...might have to watch out for her or she'll be big too fast;-)!

Though big sister is not sure how much excitement she can take..?...
so far she thinks it's not too much!!!!

Excited Sister,
~Marcelina Grace Thiessen

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Early Morning at the Lake

I was given the chance to go with 2 photographers for a photo shoot 
today morning out on a Lake!!!!
So here are a few of my best results...
actually maybe quite a lot since I couldn't decide which to take out....

 These small lilies were only buds when we started out 
but were in bloom by the time we got back!
 My prayer the night before was that I would be able to see 
God's majesty and power on the trip.
And guess what I think it was for the first time that I saw a rainbow at sunrise 
and in the west!!
So with rainbows always being  special for me, 
I felt like God answered my prayer!



Though it wasn't just the rainbow that was an answer to prayer. I saw God's majesty in the tiny flowers, the birds, and the lake!  I'm glad God put scenery into this world for us to enjoy!!!